Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New York State of Mind

Recently I have traveled to New York City a couple of times for business. These trips are great: I love the energy and vibe in Manhattan, it's great to catch up with NYC-based friends and there is a high concentration of relevant companies in the travel information space that are increasingly interested in partnering with EveryTrail.

But despite these positives, during every visit to Manhattan I feel the urge to temporarily escape the urban jungle of concrete, steel and glass, if only for half an hour. Central Park is always a great quick escape. This morning when I woke up way too early I decided to head for the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a gorgeous morning, after several days of rain. Even though this is not a "green" walk, it makes for a great opportunity to feel the fresh ocean breeze, and offers fantastic views on New York's downtown skyline.

Below is the trip that I created with the latest version of the EveryTrail Android app:

If you want to follow my footsteps you can get the Brooklyn Bridge Walk Guide at EveryTrail.

I'll certainly be back! By the way, I am writing this at 30,000 ft using in flight WiFi on my way back to San Francisco.

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